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Event Sheet Slowing Down

  • I'm making a game with a lot of information on an array. In the first group of events, I have approximately 100 events as arrays in the top section. I can scroll through this without any issue at all.

    For my second array, I've changed things up slightly to make things easier for if I expand in the future. I now have a events that:

    Adds info to the array

    Add 1 to a local variable

    Set size of array

    It's a little more complicated than this, but all it really does is constantly switch between System event and array event. For some reason, scrolling through this section is where things slow down. As soon as I move back up to the first area, however (which, in my opinion, contains more on screen data) things immediately speed back up.

    I thought this screen was mainly just for visual reference. Am I mistaken? Could it be the icons slowing things down?

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Just for reference, I only have 20 events, however, 2 of them contain over 100 actions.

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  • Just to follow up on this. If I group the events and hide them, it's immediately fast again.

    It just seems to be purely visual.

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