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C2 Sprite suggestions

  • Short and sweet.

    Ability to create a non existing sprite object during runtime.

    Inheritance parameters for behaviors IE universal speed etc. Its been brought up, but not thoroughly discussed.

    Ability to add a behavior to a sprite at runtime. Pretty much hand in hand with creating a non existing object.

    OK probably more like "must haves" at some point for a web app.

    Feel free to add, deflate, etc.

  • Things like adding behaviours at runtime could seriously complicate the runtime code, and I'm not convinced there are any cases where it's so useful it's worth the code. Same goes for changing qualifiers at runtime. Can't you deactivate behaviours you don't need on startup and activate them later to "add" them? What would you use dynamic behaviours for that can't be done any other way?

  • These are geared more toward multiple users, and dynamic content I guess.

    The thing is, shouldn't there be a way to add an object, other than just changing a texture for a duplicate instance? I mean that's all we have in C0.x.

    If its too complicated to add a behavior from an existing object, what about a sprite object that can be loaded, along with behaviors, animations etc?

  • I'm not convinced by one-liners like "multiple users and dynamic content". What actual examples of cases are there that can't be done any other way? With 0.x, it seems the vast majority of users have gotten by just fine with predefined sprites - it seems most games don't need to introduce new objects that aren't known beforehand in the editor. Also, how do you create an event for an object that is created dynamically that the editor doesn't know about? It seems this would be a whole new paradigm for the editor...

  • Sure when it comes to behaviors its not that bad to use a preloaded behavior, but as far as C0.x goes' it's nuts to even try to add animations from an external source.

    And don't even get me started on image points, or hot spots.

    As far as referencing new objects goes... paradigm is underselling it, more like pain in the...

    Any ways, what about inheritance for preferences?

  • For Construct 1, I use the tile object to load external images into my game, cause it's basically the only object that allows each instance to have a different image. I hope Construct 2 will let Sprites do that.

  • Also, how do you create an event for an object that is created dynamically that the editor doesn't know about? It seems this would be a whole new paradigm for the editor...

    I believe families would do a good job of taking care of that. Plus if we get to the point of talking about loading external objects at runtime from a file, what could stop simply including the events in the file, and keeping peace with family references. As for actually creating the files, I believe construct itself could step in (Making any game with external content an advertiser), perhaps with the original creators offering a template and the new content designer working from there.

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  • That's a good point actually, creating objects which belong to families. Still, I guess we need to get families done first

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