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[r101] program refuses to quit

  • Construct 2 hasn't crashed or anything, and I can still exit and open my projects, but I've just got the empty grey layout window (as when the Start Page tab is closed) and the program won't quit. This is the second time I've seen this since updating to r101.

    Whether I hit the red X in the corner, or right-click and click "Close window" on the task bar, or choose Exit from the file menu, or--

    Oh, alt-F4 made it crash, okay, cool.

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  • Do you remember what you have been doing while C2 was opened?

    This issue is been here for a longer while and no one can pinpoint what is causing that.

  • Afraid not, but I'll report back if I have any success with deliberately reproducing it.

  • This happens to me occasionally too. It also happened in r100.

  • Happened again. Opened Construct from the start menu, as usual, not as an administrator (even though I've got the preview server set up for the local network, I usually don't bother with it) and after hitting the save button in the upper left corner, and then hitting the red X in the upper right, my project closed, but Construct did not.

    Pretty sure I wasn't tabbing between programs or anything weird like that when I opened it. Windows 7, 64-bit.

    Again, alt-F4 crashes the program. This isn't a big deal for me, but if I can help get the bug fixed, I'd like to.

    So far I've always had to have the program open for a while; I haven't been able to cause it by launching, opening a project, and quitting again.

  • Ashley

    Hi everyone,

    I'm not sure if this helps but it happens to me it seems whenever I put my laptop into hibernate mode and pop back out with construct2 minimized. I've noticed it since around release 99. Just assumed it was some screw up on the part of Microsoft hibernate mode.

  • I've been getting them since at least release 99.

    At first I thought it had something to do with backing up the game, Auto-backup or backup folders since I remember it starting right around the time I bumped the number of backups saved and also backed up on my dropbox, but I'm really not sure now.

    It usually happens when the program is running for an extended period of time, running for several hours.

  • I also back up to Dropbox and recently changed it from every 4 hours to 1 hour, and since I also seem to have to run Construct for a while and make changes to my projects before the bug occurs, I'd call that a plausible theory.

  • Ashley claimed it has been fixed. But not yet.

  • I noticed this problem while testing r100. It happens because the editor actually crashes when closing down sometimes, and for some reason it "survives" the crash and keeps the window up. I found some possible causes and fixed them in r100, so it ought to be better in r100/r101. I used to get this fairly often in r99 and I haven't had it at all since r100, so I thought it was fixed, but by the sound of these reports I guess not. There must be something else happening. But like others say, it is very difficult to do anything about this if I can't see the problem myself. Is there anything anyone can do to make the bug happen every time?

  • It has gotten better as of r100 I think, but still persists. I think it is more likely to happen when working on something for a long time. I notice when I open a project just to playtest it or something, C2 closes without any problems.

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