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Chrome: Not all buttons are regonized (Dancepad)

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    If I use a dancepad as custom controller, not all "buttons" will be regonized in Chrome/NW.js. But they are regonized in firefox very will. Through I want to build an desktop app, its important that it works with crome/NW.js, too.

    The two marked fields (see picture) does not work with with Chrome/NW.js. In firefox they work as buttons 6 and 7 (Gamepad.LastButton()). And strangely the middle button of the pad is not regonized in ff but in Chrome/NW.js as button 13.

    Usually a USB dancepad works as a normal plug & play controller within windows.

    I guess i have to map the keys different within the plugin js files.

    But do you have any hints what I have to change?

    Construct Version: 227 (64 bit)

    NW.js: v0.15.0 (Chromium 51)

    Windows 7, 64 bit


    I also tried top find the correct values through this page:

    result: everything is fine in firefox, Chrome still does not regonize these two buttons


    Seems to be a Chrome bug....

    But you can upvote the problem, maybe they will fix it then

    Just log in with your google account and click on the star in the top left corner.

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  • Sorry, there's nothing we can do if Chrome itself doesn't recognise some gamepad buttons. Closing, please follow up via that Chromium bug report.

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