[C2/C3] Improve Xbox Live plugin (FGRL issue)

  • - Problem Description -

    I'm trying to pass the certification in the program xobXwyh@DI but I get this rejection report:

    - Screenshots -

    - Attach a Capx -

    Any project with Xbox live integration for xobXfqm@DI

    - Steps to Reproduce Bug -

    - Observed Result -

    Service Access Limitations

    - Expected Result -

    No Service Access Limitations

    - Affected Browsers -

    Chrome: (NO)

    FireFox: (NO)

    Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Visual Studio: (YES)

    - Operating System and Service Pack -

    Windows 10 version 1803

    - Construct 2 Version ID -

    r262 64bit

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  • Hi Ashley!

    Is there any chance that problems with Xbox Live plugin will be solved in the near updates?

  • This isn't anything to do with Construct. The plugin only makes requests when you use actions, so the amount the service is used is determined entirely by your own events. I think the most likely cause is an action that accidentally runs every tick, e.g. "State = finished, update achievements" will make an "update achievements" request 60 times a second while that condition is true, essentially DoS attacking the service, so then they will block you. Check your events for that; otherwise you should probably contact Microsoft about it.

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