Windows 8: Modification of Treasure Map to Windows 8 Format

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The video shows you how to use the Treasure Map Tutorial with Windows 8.

In my opinion, the Treasure map is an excellent base for a multi-level game. And it shows how to have a number of levels, with a map. An interesting approach.

[h1]Treasure Map[/h1]

The sample code and excellent tutorial: Making an Interactive Treasure Map can be found at

[h1]Covered in this video are:[/h1]

[h2]Modifications needed for the Treasure Map Tutorial to run as a Windows 8 Store Application with Snap and Fill:[/h2]

1. Adding the Window 8 Plug-in

2. Changing the layouts

3. Changing the maps

4. Setting the test certification in Visual Studio

5. Testing your modifications in the Windows 8

Note: I do not sound like a Chipmunk or someone who inhaled helium, I speeded up the clip to make it less boring. Use the pause button as needed.


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