Publishing to Android via IntelXdk and AppSigner

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This Tutorial is for:

- I rebuild my game with construct 2, now I want to replace my old apk in the play-store with my construct 2 app

- I want to get an android apk run and set up with crosswalk (webgl)

- I want to sign my apk after IntelXdk export


In this tutorial I will explain:

- how to publish your HTML exported game to Android via IntelXdk - Crosswalk

- sign the apk with your own keyfile

(so you will be able to commit new versions of your app in the play store)

1. Export your game in Construct 2 (html export/open webapp)

- File / Export project...

- and click on HTML 5 website

2. Open IntelXdk and create a new app by existing code.

- Download IntelXdk if you havn´t already. here

- sign up for free or login in with existing account

- Click on "New Project" and navigate to "Import an Existing HTML5 Project"

- Navigate to your exported app from step 1.

2.1. Check your Plugin settings

- in IntelXdk click on the upper left tab "Projects" and select your project

- now you should see the following settings

- under cordova 3.X expand the tab "Included Plugins" and uncheck everything you don´t need.

2.2. Check your Crosswalk settings

- Expand the tab "Build Settings" and inside click on the 2nd tab "Android Crosswalk"

- fill your information and be sure to uncheck!!! "Signed"

(you need to uncheck this, to sign your app by yourself - and use your own market-keystore)

2.3. Export your app

- In IntelXdk´s Main-Window click on the tab "BUILD"

- select "Crosswalk for Android"

- select "Upload Code" and hit build

- wait until its done

2.4. Download your app

- once build is done, you will be able to download the apk-files

- download your arm/x86 apk

- now you are ready to sign your app with your own keyfile :)

3. Sign your apk with your own keyfile via "apk-signer"

3.1. Download "apk-signer"

here or here

3.2. Setup APK Signer

- First setup the JDK-Path (for instance: c:\program files\java\jdk1.8.0_05\bin)

- load your own keyfile

- type in your password

- select your alias and type in your password

- select your downloaded file from step 2.4

- hit sign

- you will get a signed BUT unaligned apk

3.3. Align your apk

- in apk-signer select "APK Alignment"

- load the apk file from step 3.2

- click verify

- click align

Your apk is now ready to replace your old apk in the play store ;)


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