Online High Score Table (AJAX, PHP, MySQL)

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Welcome to my video tutorial explaining how to setup a mysql database on your hosting account, then setting up Construct 2 using that database for a high score table.

This video series assumes you have an online hosting account, or access to creating mySQL databases. I recommend if you do need a web host.


PHPs and TXT files - updated July 19th,2012

CAPX File - I updated this file using one Text object that is copy and pasted 20 times. Then updated the code using For Each loops. Much faster. I will put in a video explaining the changes.


Part 1: Creating the Database

Part 2: Creating the DB Table

Part 3: The PHP Files

Part 4: Construct Part 1

Part 5: Construct Part 2

Part 6: Construct Part 3

Part 7: Construct Part 4

Part 8: Construct Part 5

Part 9: Construct Part 6


It's likely the php files do not need to be in your cgi-bin folder to work. I just know it's a folder that all hosted domains typically have. You can try putting the php files in the root of the domain, or a different directory, they should work fine.

The server running your PHP files must have PHP installed on it. It's installed by default with most hosting accounts. This won't work by putting the files in a dropbox folder. It has to be on an actual hosted server with PHP installed. If you are getting errors or the file is trying to download, contact your hosting company support and they can tell you the issue right away.


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