GPF Tut for Newbies: Lesson 2: Insert New Frames/Animation bar/ etc,


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What is GPF ?

GPF stands for Game Play Format.

Play a game / Learn a new skill.

This GPF Tut is for the Newbie / Beginner learner of Construct 2 (C2)

This is Lesson 2:

You will learn:

1. How to insert a sprite by dragging it into the layout view.

2. How to insert a new frame ( sprite or sprites ) into your animation bar.

3. How to add an image point.

4. How to adjust speed of your animation, and

5. How to loop your animation on an off.



Here is a link to Play the Lesson 2 Tut Game:

Click Here



Here is an image of the title layout:



Here is a link to Play the Lesson 2 Tut game:

Click Here

Here is a link to Lesson 1 of the GPF Tut 'series'

Click Here

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