Creating a Pistol [and Reloading it!]

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Creating the Pistol

The pistol will be made using square sprite objects as a placeholder.

Open up a new platformer template

This template contains all the movement we need.

Insert the Mouse Object

The mouse will be used

to aim and fire your gun.

Create a new sprite and name it PlayerWeapon

It can go anywhere on the layout, but preferably right on the player.

Resize your pistol and color it as you'd like.

Create a new image point in Player and name it Weapon

This is where Player will hold their Weapon when PlayerWeapon

is aligned to them.

Create a new image point in PlayerWeapon and name it Bullet

When the player fires, a bullet will be spawned at this point.

Create a new object in a New Layout and name it PlayerBullet

You can also name the new layout (assets) or SpriteStorage as these

are objects that aren't currently in the layout or will be spawned later.

Resize the bullet and color it as you like.

Give the PlayerBullet the Bullet behavior

Also give it an overpowered speed, in this case it's set to 2,000.


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