Como fazer uma área curvada realística para tocar clique.

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Welcome to this tutorial I teach an efficient way to create areas of non-square objects to give more realism to the touch or click on these objects.

For this project we will need the following objects.

I made this tutorial because I tried to create a project that wanted to click an object, but a curved object and with transparent background by clicking everything works perfect, but if you click outside the curve shown figure, the object has been clicked on . When you click on an object, the Construct 2 recognizes the total size of the object: its full height and width.

The image below illustrates this:



To do this project you need these following objects:

The transparent png image showing a curved object. In my case a rugby ball. Call the ball_1.

A blue color sprite called touching_1 and size 25x25. Note that you must resize the various ways that this figure should subsequently have.

A touch and / or click on the project available.


Add the figure of the ball ball_1 the project.

Add a txt_listening text box.

Add the sprite hub touching_1 for the project.

press Ctrl + C in touching_1 and then Ctrl + V to paste and position repeatedly on Call ball_1.png several times to complete the full draft ball_1.

Note that the smaller and larger amount figure has touching_1, the touch will become more realistic and / or click, but if put too much excessive amount of touch objects will require more computer processing.

You need to let configured similarly to that shown in this image:



Touching_1 must have setada initial visibility to invisible.

If Touching_1 for some reason is still displayed on the screen to make it the opacity to 0.

Set the slider and / or click to shoot / do something when you click touching_1. In my case I configured to set txt_listening with the text "has been clicked." And every 2 seconds with the text "has not been clicked."

Set the Event Sheet to stay looking like this:

Qando touch touching_1 => Set to txt_listening text: "clicked"

Every 2 seconds => Set txt_listening the text: "It was clicked"



And the end result:



Ready, it is what I wanted to show, thank you for your attention.


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