5 Quick-Tips for Game Art Beginners


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Hello future artists!

who of you knows this scenario…

You spend a couple of days/weeks or even years on programing an engine that´s more entertaining than the complete repertoire of the PS4 but it looks like a crude mix of minecraft and mashed potatoes…well time to learn some tricks to make beginners game art look a little better…perhaps like baked potatoes… ;-)

Honestly i´d say it´s always better to team up with someone who is experienced with art or game art in special, than to try to do both parts on your own. Nevertheless, especially in the beginning, it could be hard for some talented programers to find a partner with something that´s visually appealing like a, to keep this metaphor alive, a heap of mashed potatoes.

Here they come, my tips for beginners in game art. Nothing is definite, everything is just a suggestion.


5 Tips to start from!**


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