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C3 Addon SDK documentation

Welcome to the Construct 3 JavaScript SDK documentation. The JavaScript SDK allows third-party developers to create new plugins, behaviors and effects for Construct 3. The Theme SDK also allows custom appearances for the Construct 3 editor. Please note not all SDK features are currently available. This documentation will be updated as new capabilities are rolled out.


Last updated: 7th March 2019

Plugin SDK files C3 plugin SDK v1.6
Behavior SDK files C3 behavior SDK v1.3
Effect SDK files C3 effect SDK v1.1
Editor theme SDK files C3 theme SDK v1.0.1

The zip files contain the files for an example custom plugin, behavior or theme. The files for an addon can be zipped and renamed .c3addon to directly test it in the Construct 3 editor, via the Addon Manager.

While developing addons, be sure to use Developer Mode with a local HTTP server. It makes it much quicker to test since you don't need to keep creating .c3addon files, and much easier to fix problems, which otherwise can prevent Construct 3 from starting up.

Custom importer API sample data

The plugin SDK download includes a sample plugin using the Custom Importer API. The following sample file can be drag-and-dropped in to Construct 3 to demonstrate reading a custom format.


Download now 7.42 KB

Supported SDK features

Learning web technologies

The Addon SDK documentation assumes you have a basic knowledge of JavaScript. A basic knowledge of HTML and CSS may also be useful. This documentation does not attempt to teach you these technologies. If you're just starting out, we recommend the MDN web docs as a good place to start. It provides thorough documentation on all aspects of the web platform, and also includes guides for learning web development.

Addon SDK Manual 2019-04-12