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Export Your Game Everywhere

You need a game engine that allows players to play and buy your games no matter what device or system they are on.

With Construct, you're able to export to all these platforms. No need to pay for access to each one.

Construct can build

Windows Games

Used by 90% of desktop users

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Construct can build

iOS Games

Over 1 billion active Apple devices

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Construct can build

Android Games

Over 1.4 billion active Android devices

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UWP Games

Reach players on any Windows devices

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Mac Games

Significant desktop market share

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Construct can build

Linux Games

Around 90,000,000 users and counting

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XBox One Games

Over 26,000,000 Xbox One gamers

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HTML5 Games

Let anyone on the web play your games

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Steam Games

Sell to over 125 million active Steam users

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Facebook Games

Used by over 1.8 billion users monthly

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Newgrounds Games

Massive & popular!

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Construct can build

AirConsole Games

Popular and innovative online game platform

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And many more

Construct builds your games in HTML5, then allows you to export them to many more platforms than are listed above. True cross platform game development as it should be.

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