Construct 3

Live Preview Your Games

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You can run your game instantly in Construct simply by pressing the "Preview" button. However sometimes even this isn't enough. Sometimes you want to get an effect like a particle stream just right, without having to keep previewing to see your changes.

Live Preview shows you the effect directly in the editor, with real-time feedback as you change settings. This makes it a lot faster - and more fun - to get the results you want. Play with the settings and see the changes as you make them! You can even click-and-drag values in the Properties Bar to smoothly change them, and see the result immediately.

You can see live results of Particles, Sprite animations, Sine behavior oscillations, shadow casting effects, and the Fade and Rotate behaviors. There's also a "Start all Live Previews" option to run them all at the same time - a great way to see animated title screens right in the editor!