Construct 3

Cloud Save Your Games

There are a variety of ways you can save your work in Construct, including offline options like saving to the local browser or downloading a copy of your project. However one particularly useful option is Cloud Save, which lets you save and open projects directly to a Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive account. This makes your work available wherever you go.

It's especially useful given Construct's multi-platform support. You can easily switch to any other device and simply pick up where you left off by loading your project from the cloud. Your files are also available from the service's web interface, so you can easily access your files in other ways outside of Construct.

When you press Save, a cloud-based project will save straight back to your cloud storage again. While it's uploading, you can continue working on your project. This means even if you have a slow connection, you won't be made to wait for uploads to finish - you can get back to work right away.