Construct 3

Game Publishing with Build Services

Building mobile apps can be tricky, so let Construct do the heavy lifting for you. Simply click a button and build Android APKs and Xcode projects for iOS, right from Construct. Monetize your games with Construct's In-App Purchases (IAP) and mobile ads support.

Advanced users can also export an Android Studio project, or a Cordova project for Android or iOS, allowing for full customization of your app. You can also manually build apps using the Cordova Command-Line Interface (CLI).

If you prefer, you can also use third-party build services like PhoneGap Build. Construct does not lock to in to any particular build service - you're free to choose whichever works best for you. However for many users, being able to build directly from Construct is an enormous convenience.

We provide tutorials covering the various build options, including using Construct's build service, signing APKs, and setting up the Cordova CLI. Visit the tutorials section to learn more.