Construct 3

Make Games with Behaviours

Behaviors are a way to instantly add features to your game. Making a jump-and-run game? Add the Platform behavior. How about a top-down game? Add the 8-direction behavior. Firing a laser? Use the Bullet behavior. Construct has all sorts of behaviors that save time. It's also great for rapidly prototyping ideas.

All behaviors are fully customizable. Often they can be enhanced using events. They don't lock you in to specific types of game. In many cases though, they're just what you need, and a big time saver.

Construct's behaviors include various types of movements, attributes like Solid, useful tools like Scroll To, Pin, Flash, Drag & Drop, and Line-of-Sight, and even advanced features like Pathfinding and Physics.

Behaviors are great for beginners since they are so easy to use. And they still make life easier for experienced users, too. It helps let you focus on designing your game rather than getting caught up in the details.