Construct 3

Business Plans

Business Plans are Royalty Free and contain Free Regular Updates

Startup Business License

Only business where annual revenue is or is forecast to be less than $50,000 USD* and net assets are less than $100,000 USD* are permitted to purchase this license. If you exceed either of those limits, you must purchase the Standard Business License.

  • Construct 3
    $149 USD /yr
    Less than $12.42 per month

Standard Business License

For businesses and organisation where annual revenue is greater than or forecast to exceed $50,000 USD* or net assets are valued at more than $100,000 USD*.

  • Construct 3
    $399 USD /yr
    That's $33.25 per month

Gambling Businesses

If your businesses has a gambling license, or it's primary purpose is relating to the gambling industry you must purchase a gambling license.

Business Plan Benefits

Free Edition
Construct 3
Paid Plans
Maximum Events Total number of events you can use to build your games. 25* Unlimited
Layers Maximum number of layers you can add to your games. 2 Unlimited
Special Effects Make your games look gorgeous with special effects. 2 Unlimited
Web Fonts Make your games more interesting with beautiful fonts. 1 Unlimited
Running Construct 3 Running Construct 3
Runs Offline Use Construct even without an internet connection available. Yes Yes
Runs in the Browser Run Construct in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Yes Yes
Work on Mobiles Run Construct 3 on your Android or iOS device. Yes Yes
Continuous Updates Get the latest Construct 3 editor updates the moment they are released. Yes Yes
Help Support & Learning
Comprehensive Manual Access Construct 3's extensive documentation. Yes Yes
Full Set of Tutorials Learn to make better games with our in-depth library of tutorials. Yes Yes
Monetisation Monetisation
Commercial Use Make money from your creations. No Yes Excluding educational plans
Royalty Free Keep every penny you make from your creations. No Yes
In-App Purchases (IAP) Add in app purchases to your creations. No Yes
Advert Services Monetise your games easily with advertisments. No Yes
Publishing Publishing
Custom Splash Screens Fully customise all loading screens in your creations. No Yes
Publish to the Web Export your games to run on your website. Yes Yes
Publish to Scirra Arcade Export your games to our popular online arcade. Yes Yes
Publish to Android Export your games to run on Android devices. No Yes
Publish to iOS Export your games to run on iPhones and iPads. No Yes
Publish to Desktop Export your games to run on PC, Macs and Linux. No Yes
Publish to Xbox One Export your games to run on Xbox One consoles. No Yes
Publish to Windows Store Publish your games and apps onto the Windows Store. No Yes
Build Android APKs Easily create Android APK files from your games. No Yes
Networking Networking and Multiplayer
Multiplayer Create multiplayer games. No Yes
WebSockets Bi-direcational communication for your games. Yes Yes
Previewing Previewing
Instant Preview Instantly preview changes to your games. Yes Yes
Remote Preview Preview changes to your games on multiple devices quickly. No Yes
Saving Saving and Loading
Local Save Save your game project files to your local system. Yes Yes
Cloud Save Save changes to your games into the cloud. Yes Yes
Debugging Debugging and Performance
Performance Profiler Pinpoint parts of your game that need optimising. No Yes
Debugger Watch Watch individual variables in the debugger. No Yes
Debugger Breakpoints Pause the game on individual events. No Yes
Other Features Other Features
Form Controls Enhance your games with form controls and inputs. Yes Yes
Video Playback Add videos to your games cutscenes, intros and outros. Yes Yes
Use Subfolders Organise your project into folders. No Yes
Z Order Bar Adjust which objects appear in front or behind others. No Yes
Bookmarks Bar Save bookmarks to navigate through your project fast. No Yes
Search Events Speed up updating your game with our powerful event search. No Yes
Find All References Instantly see a list of everywhere something is used in your project. No Yes
Families Avoid repeating events by grouping objects. No Yes
Array Editor Use a spreadsheet like editor to create data for the array object. No Yes
Dictionary Editor Use this editor to easily create data tables. No Yes
Text Editor Use our built in editor with syntax highlighting. No Yes
Bundled Addons Save third party addons with your project to open anywhere. No Yes
Onion Skinning Display next and previous animation frames translucently. No Yes
Look and Feel Look and Feel
Dark Theme Change the look of the editor with our dark editor theme. No Yes
* 25 for guest users, 40 for registered users and 50 for registered users with verified email address.

Change Currency

Accepted payment methods

* Or equivalent in other currencies based on todays exchange rates
† Equivalent prices based on 365 days in a year and 30.42 days in a month, 7 days in a week. If VAT not included in quoted price, equivalent also does not include VAT.