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  • Github Github page
  • License MIT License
  • Allows monetisation of your creations
  • Copyright Elton da Nobrega Mascena. All rights reserved.


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Plugin for construct 3 to add mediation unity ads to the admob plugin



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  • Hey, is GPDR consent implemented yet? Or does it just use the setting from admob so it isn’t necessary to show ads legally.

    Best regards,


  • once the addon is installed, it does not appear in the event sheet :(

    • Hi how are you? Remember that it will only add mediation to the admob plugin. It won't show up in the event sheet, just add libraries in the app build. The only function that should be added to the code would be to set GDPR consent, but it hasn't been implemented yet. For now, this unitads mediation is only for apps that have contextual ads (You must be configured directly in UnityAds) or apps in countries that do not require consent.

      You need behavioral ads, you can set up admob with them and set unityads for contextual ads. When the ad is pulled from unityads, it will be contextual.

      Feel free to contribute to the project through Github.