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A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.


  • Actions

    Add Local CSS: {0}

    Add a local CSS file.

    Add External CSS: {0}

    Add an External CSS file.

    Remove Local CSS: {0}

    Remove a Local CSS file.

    Remove External CSS: {0}

    Remove an External CSS file.

    Remove All Imported CSS

    Remove all imported CSS file.

    Remove ALL CSS From Page

    Remove all CSS file.

    Disable Local CSS: {0}

    Disable a Local CSS file.

    Disable External CSS: {0}

    Disable an External CSS file.

    Enable Local CSS: {0}

    Enable a Local CSS file.

    Enable External CSS: {0}

    Enable an External CSS file.

  • Conditions

    {0} is already present

    Test if a CSS is already present.

    {0} is enabled

    Test if a CSS is enabled.


  • Actions

    Add Local JS: {0}

    Add a local JS file.

    Add External JS: {0}

    Add an External JS file.

    Remove Local JS: {0}

    Remove a Local JS file.

    Remove External JS: {0}

    Remove an External JS file.

    Remove All Imported JS

    Remove all imported JS file.


  • Actions

    Destroy Canvas

    Destroy the Canvas from the page.


  • Actions

    Add HTML Element: {0}

    Add HTML Element.

    Remove HTML Element By ID: {0}

    Remove HTML Element By ID.



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