MC Facebook Instant Games Extended

For the new Update-Async-Action, look here:

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  • Hi!

    Your plugin helps me a lot! Will there be support C3 runtime?

    • Thank you. Currently, the Plugin is on a very early version. I hope i can patch it next time! (I'm a littlebit busy at the moment) ... please wait for the next version.

  • Is this plugin working ok now?

  • Thank you for the feedback. I'm update the extension next time! :)

  • Some feedback regarding v0.0.3.0.

    Hi macube.

    I have tested this and looked how you have implemented the features. You have just copied the function call from the SDK? This will create lot of issues for Construct games!

    With your plugin the context change without changing the variables in the official plugin! (the only thing you do is to send a textstring to the console!) this makes the offical plugin to go totally out of sync! Games and the functions are based on the context and all variables MUST be changed when changing context. (otherwise all other functions will call the wrong context!)

    This is the reason why we asked Ashley to update the regular plugin for these.