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Release Notes

Added new method to load json from a string. The action is called Load Json From String


A list of all Actions, Conditions and Expressions supported in this addon.

JSON Looping

  • Conditions

    Loop over {0} with query {1}. {2} nested in another json loop

    Json array loop: Over a slot using a query.

  • Expressions


    Json loop index: current loop index of a Json loop.


  • Actions

    Load Json: Cache Enable is {0}

    Load Json: All files into correct slots

    Load Json From String: Cache Enable is {2} from {1} into slot {0}

    Load Json From String: Load Json string into a slot

    Reset Json slot: {0} back to it's original value.

    Reset Json slot back to it's original value when it was first loaded.

    Clear Slot: {0}

    Clear Json slot.

    Create new slot: Query {1} and copy from {0} to {2}. {3} in json loop

    Create new slot by duplicating a Json sub object into a new slot.

    Set Json Value: Set {3} into {0} and {2}, using {1}. {4} in json loop

    Set Json Value: Set a value to a specific field in the Json object.

  • Conditions

    On Json loaded

    Triggered when: All Json files have been loaded.

  • Expressions


    Get json value: Using standard Json notation.


    Get length: Array within a Json object.

JSON Conversion

  • Expressions


    C3 array: Get formatted json string in array form.


    C3 dictionary: Get formatted json string in dictionary form.



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  • License MIT License
  • Copyright Robert Greenberg. All rights reserved.