Dotonbori City Game Assets

800 Japanese city themed tiles (32x32 in size) for use in your project!

800 Japanese city themed tiles (32x32 in size) for use in your project!

Dotonbori City Game Assets

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    Released: 13 Feb, 2021

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Drift along the Dotonbori canal and take in the Osaka sights!

Create your own Japanese city complete with a Dotonbori style canal.

This RPG Maker VX Ace compatible asset pack contains everything you need to design a sprawling Japanese city for your players to explore. Add a touch of Japan to your project with these unique pixel art tiles.

This pack contains:

- Autotiles and Tilemaps compatible with RPGMaker VX Ace

- 800 (32x32) Japanese City themed tiles in png format (including animated canal water tiles)

- Many types of building fronts (modern and traditional), canal tiles (including boats), Japanese signs, fire escapes, bridge tiles (top-down and side-view), roof-top objects (ventilation, antenna, and signs), awnings, different types of railings, foliage growing on building sides, multiple door types and more Japanese city tiles...

- Cobblestone and brick flooring, modular roof-tops, modular brick road, dock-side plank flooring, stairs, bridge-center compass flooring, lamp posts (lit and unlit), manhole (open and closed) and signage inspired by famous Dotonbori advertisements!

The character sprites shown in the screenshots are not included. They are part of my JRPG Character Pack.

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