Super Enemies Engine Vol. 1 - For Construct2

It is a powerful and complete package containing a total of 20 enemy AI mechanics.

It is a powerful and complete package containing a total of 20 enemy AI mechanics.

Super Enemies Engine Vol. 1 - For Construct2

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  • 1.0.1

    Released: 20 Aug, 2021

    Aded Construct2 Project File, Modified Platform Behaviour and Instructions

  • 1.0.0

    Released: 8 Jul, 2021

    Launch Version with 20 Enemies AI and Player Mechanics, including Player Select with 3 player otions.

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It is a powerful and complete package containing a total of 20 enemy AI mechanics to be used in your games created with Construct, and which can also be studied to be played in the game engine of your choice.

  1. Angry Pig
    • Patrol if player is near
    • When hit by the player, he runs angrily across the scene
  2. Bat
    • Fly to attack the player when he is close
    • Return to your place when the player walks away
  3. Bee
    • They fly across the scene and shoot stingers when the player walks under them
  4. Bule Bird
    • Fly from side to side across the scene
  5. Chameleon
    • Patrol when the player is close, when it gets closer, attacks the player with its tongue
  6. Chicken
    • Chases the player through the scenario
  7. Duck
    • Jumping across the scene
  8. Fat Bird
    • It stays flying in its place, but when the player approaches, it throws itself on top of it
    • When the player approaches, it throws itself on top of it
  9. Ghost
    • Walk through the scene fading and appearing
    • Can only be hit when visible
  10. Mushroom
    • Walk through the scene from side to side
  11. PinkBunny
    • It runs across the stage, pausing when it hits the Stop object, and jumps to reach platforms when it hits the Jump object[/li
  12. Plant
    • Similar to the Plants Vs Zombies plant, it attacks the player by spitting seed projectiles when the player is close
  13. Radish
    • It flies from side to side across the scene, when hit it loses its leaves and falls to the ground
    • When he's on the ground, he walks back and forth across the scene
  14. Rino
    • When the player approaches, he runs towards him
  15. Rock
    • alk through the scene
    • When hit by the player, it breaks into two parts that
    • In turn, split into two more parts each when hit by the player.
  16. Skull
    • Fly through the level, alternating in anger and calm as it crashes into walls
    • Can only be defeated when hit while calm[/li
  17. Slime
    • Sliding across the scene, leaving a trail of poison along the way
  18. Snail
    • Crawls across the scene, how much hit it leaves its hull, which, when hit, runs sprinting across the scene
  19. Spike Turtle
    • Thorny turtle that shows and hides its thorns in an interval of time
  20. Trunk
    • They walk around the scene, if player approaches, they shoot seeds in their direction


  1. Enemy Death Mechanics
  2. Player Wall Jump Mechanics
  3. Checkpoint mechanics with particles
  4. Music and SFX
  5. Infinity Background Scroll

Super Enemies Engine Vol.1

Asset by PixelFrog (CC0)

Musics by Eric Skiff:

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Dylan Atkins
1 years ago

Great Service! ★★★★★

The author,is very professional. Couldn't open file in the beginning, the author resolved it right away!

I wish there were more templates like this out there.

Coding is clean and easy to follow.

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Response from seller

1 years ago

Thanks Dylan, i work hard to make the best possible

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