Gimme Pipe [connection-puzzle]

Plumber wanna be? Connect pipes in rotary manner. Simply tap on them!

Try in Arcade!

Plumber wanna be? Connect pipes in rotary manner. Simply tap on them!

Try in Arcade!

Gimme Pipe [connection-puzzle]

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    Released: 28 Sep, 2021

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Connecting pipes to reach the outlet so the water can flood the screen. Source pipe can be rotated like other pipes so it facing to different direction. Make certain tip of pipe to meet other tip to make a connection and will lit when connected to a source pipe. The goal is to reach each water outlet with proper pipes connection.

Gimme Pipe is an easy pipe puzzle to play. Yet it is challenging to build your own pipe game with less bug as possible.

Features highlight:

- touch compatible (any devices)

- last played level marking

- level progress saved in local storage

- fast & responsive performance

- language option

How many lines of block you may ask? The core gameplay is under 60 lines block of code relying on efficient expression. So ladies and... Ahem, plumber are you ready to paving your pipes way?

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    Construct 2, Construct 3
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    28 Sep, 2021
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