Plugin Facebook Audience NetworkAds

[C2] [C3] support C3 build service | support Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Rewared video ads.

[C2] [C3] support C3 build service | support Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Rewared video ads.

Plugin Facebook Audience NetworkAds

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    Royalty Free use in unlimited commercial greater creative works.

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  • 1.6.0

    Released: 4 Dec, 2021

    FIX error build

  • 1.0.5

    Released: 22 Oct, 2021

    FIX error build

  • 1.0

    Released: 18 Feb, 2021

    Plugin from the old store

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[C2] [C3] Plugin for Facebook Audience Network.

Cordova Plugin for Facebook AudienceNetwork sdk:6+

C3 Support

  • C3 Build service = YES
  • C3 Use worker = Any
  • C3 Script type = Any


  • Works with PhoneGap, Cordova CLI,
  • Does not trigger JS or use worker errors in PC preview.
  • Banner ads, Interstitial ads, Rewared video ads.

Available Try the free version

open c3 > addon manager > get addons > Search FACEBOOK FAN ADS

Important Note :

If you get the following error "Rewarded video ad failed to load: The display format in the ad request does not match the display format specified for this placement. Each placement can only be used with a single display format. You can create multiple placements in order to use multiple display formats.", please follow the steps to resolve the issue.

You must have the Audience Network SDK integrated in your game

Your app must have an active, approved Audience Network account with payment information.

Game only: Your game app is active and added to your account.

Ad position: You must already have a rewarded video ad unit in your game.

Support Platfrom

  • Android
zanimz's avatar
3 months ago

the game keeps on stoping

the game keeps on stoping on its own after using the addon

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    Construct 2, Construct 3
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    4 Dec, 2021
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