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Kirby Engine Somewhat

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VonFirflirch Published on 2 May, 2016

Click the "?" thingy above the game screen for the controls!!!

I'm wanting to make a Kirby fan-game, some kind of demake as they call it (probably due to Planet Robobot coming out soon-ish), basically 64 with Adventure-like graphics (slightly retouched).

A few things aren't there, such as :

-You can't break stuff with your head by jumping. Nor can you do so by falling for a while like pretty much every single game in the series.

-Abilities, but that's JUST a detail, right?

-The LV thing on the HUD indicates the amount of objects being sucked up (one's off-screen and de-activated). But that was just for debug stuff.

-Your speed is fixed. I don't think that'll change because there's no point.

I think that's it. I'm not uploading the .capx because of how messy my event-sheets tend to be, but I'll gladly (try to) explain if there's something you don't know how to reproduce... if you'd like to, that is.

Just about every sprite is taken from the Spriters' Resource website.


Arrow keys :

-Move. Really?!

-Press down to swallow if something's in your mouth. There IS a better way to say that, right? Or am I not innocent enough anymore?

W/Z :



-Slide while holding down.

X :


-Exhale, Spit things out...

Escape :

- Restart.


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