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Immaculate Conception

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LeviRamirezGames Published on 28 Aug, 2019

The Basics of Playing

This game is a bit confusing and needs an explanation, most of the details can be found in the "how to play" tab but the basic rundown is that a Big, angry smiley face will come down every now and then and ask for a certain amount of sacrifices. You must drag and drop small creatures into a buzzsaw in order to make him happy. The game ends when either you run out of creatures or when you don't have enough sacrifices to give in a certain time period. You can feed the creatures to keep them alive, and if you feed them enough they will make offspring. Again, most of the nitty-gritty details can be found in the games "how to play" tab.


You must care and tend to creatures called children. But an Immaculate diety craves the blood and giblets of your children and you are willing to give them to it, he knows everything about you and knows what everyone else knows about you. Do not fight back, lay docile against the Immaculate, for it is you, but you are not it.. or are you it... don't think too hard... Just sacrifice...

Development history

This game was my attempt at not only making an experimental strategy game but also trying to make something surreal and spooky. With it only taking under a week and a half the game was quite a simple yet fun experience. It's a bit shabby and awkward but still has a certain feel to it that I like.

This game's inspiration was taken from the idea of self-destruction, self-hate, and depression. The god you sacrifice the creatures to is supposed to represent internal thoughts that you are speaking about yourself, it's the better you that is aware of how awful you are. And you are you, you are playing yourself tending to the creatures and dealing with this ominous presence of internal hatred.

It's an arsty game, but still a quality little experience in my eyes :)


Play on Newgrounds : newgrounds.com/portal/view/717667

Follow me on Twitter! : twitter.com/Levi__Ramirez



Right Click - Sprinkle food

Left Click - Grab

Used Plugins

  • Audio
  • Mouse
  • Particles
  • Sprite
  • Spritefont2
  • Text
  • TiledBg
  • Tilemap

Used Behaviours

  • Bullet
  • Flash
  • Pin
  • Platform
  • Sin
  • solid
  • Timer

  • Order by
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