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Firing Range Simulator

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neofrags Published on 30 Nov, 2020

DISCLAIMER: Hit-Registration in this version of the game is a bit dodgy and needs some work (This is due to the frame limits of the arcade, I'm trying my best to find a good enough work around to support my bullet velocity system).

Firing Range Simulator was made to showcase an in-development gun / weapon controller made in C3 (May have to downgrade to C2 due to lack of funds and I don't have license for C3).

For best experience play in the game Full-Screen.

This game is a showcase of the gun / weapon system that will be in my official game.

So far we have just a basic system with ammo and reloading (you have unlimited ammo but you just have to reload).

Roadmap for this project:

- Basic Shooting and Reloading (DONE)

- Reload Time and Animations (IN-Dev)

- Shooting Animations

- Bullet Spread / Recoil (Testing Phase)

- Limited Ammo

- Gun Attachments (IN-Dev)

- Progression System for when this is released on other platforms for standalone download (Can't do this right now because I don't have a license)

- Hands and Kinematic Body system

- More Modes than just killing stationary targets

Discord Server: WIP

Donation Links: WIP


Click play on the game and you will be given two seconds before the game starts.

The goal is to kill as many targets as you can in 30 seconds.

Each target has a body and a head hitbox, shooting the target's head will do more damage based on the gun's headshot multiplier (NOTE: Weapon / Gun stats are not shown in this version of the showcase).


Left-Click = Shoot

R Key = Reload Current Gun (You must reload manually)

Mouse-Wheel Up = (Switch to Primary Gun)

Mouse-Wheel Down = (Switch to Secondary Gun)

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