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  • Tada!

    This is a very quick example of applying a "dream like" effect to the top and bottom portions of the screen. It uses Construct 2's built-in autorunner demo.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a new layer with a parallax of 0,0 and place it above the layer(s) you would like to change. This will effect all layers underneath this "layer mask."

    2.) Create/import a new sprite on this new layer or tiled background that fades from white to transparent.

    3.) First apply the "Divide" effect to the new layer and the add any other effects you would like after that.

    That's really all there is to it. The whiter the area, the more of the effect you'll have and the more transparent the area, the less of the effect you'll have.

    I plan on using it to create a tilt-shift effect in a future game, but I can also see this as a way to create patchy fog, fuzzy line-of-sight by pinning the image to the player, etc. This method should work with all effects so you should be able to do things like apply a wave effect just above the ground to imitate a hot sunny day, etc.

    Pretty cool!

    6 years ago but still very good!!! Thank you! If you want to do the translucent blur effect, this'll make it happen! Thank you! I got it working!

  • You can use the same principle with Physics. On collision set Physics Velocity: X component=(Self.Physics.VelocityX*1.1), Y component=(Self.Physics.VelocityY*1.1)

    Don't forget to set Bullet=Yes in Physics properties for the ball, otherwise it may glitch when moving too fast.



  • What behavior are you using to move the ball? If it's Bullet, you can do something like

    Ball on collision with Paddle -> Ball Bullet set speed to (Self.Bullet.speed+20)

    Oops! Sorry! It was 2 AM when I posted that. Not very informative. Anyway, I am using Physics behaviour and it can't speed up properly. As it will make the ball very, very buggy. Either it works or it just slows the ball down! This is the same too when I changed it to impulse.

    It's a Pong clone game. I really wish every time it hit the paddle, it'll add to the speed...

    Thank you!

  • Hi! I just wanna ask, how do I speed up the velocity (speed) of an object? I'm making a pong game and it's really hard to do what I want. That is...

    Maxed the current speed as 800 and whenever it hits another paddle, speed up the ball a bit.

    I tried many things and I can't seem to add whenever the ball collides with the paddles.

    EDIT: It's answered! An answer from dop2000

    You can use the same principle with Physics. On collision set Physics Velocity: X component=(Self.Physics.VelocityX*1.1), Y component=(Self.Physics.VelocityY*1.1)


  • When are the ads gonna be removed? I still see them.

  • Syazanie Amirin

    Yeah, the new forum thingy borked some bbcode tags. The link was in the first post but hard to find

    Here it is

    Thank you!!

  • > Hi! Do you still have the plugin's link?

    Hi, yeah



    The transition to the new forum broke lots of messages apparently.

    Thank you!

  • I hate this new website. Now, the thread is unreadable.

  • Hi ! I don't know why it disappeared, probably because of the migration to the new forums, here it is again: :-)

    Hey! Thanks! Thank you so much!

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  • Hi everyone,

    I couldn't open a very old .capx cause this behavior was missing.

    By browsing archives, I finally found it again. Here is the link:


    Hi! Do you still have it?

  • Hi! As for now(13/06/2018), the link is still working but here is the backup version of it.


  • Hi! Do you still have the plugin's link?

  • Ah! This is really annoying! Can you let all of us know when the url are gonna be fixed?! Whenever I want to download a plugin, it becomes like this (url12313) Uh! What's that?!

    EDIT: Cannot use []

  • Hi! Does anyone have a working link?

  • Hello! Does anyone have this plugin's link?