Why was kitbone banned?


    This users seems to have been banned for absolutely no reason.

    All of his posts are:

    zenox98 i found that construct 2 (free version) has lots of glitches and low performance, so i was wondering if this was just the free version.

    robertjs3 please may you send me the .capx

    Zed2100 is it less buggy or is it the same performance?

    I am a experienced pixel artist who is willing to work for free (will do most types of pixel art and can also use construct 2 at an intermediate level). I specialize in top down sprites but am also skilled at making platformer sprites and would prefer not to work in an anime style. I can send you some of my artwork by sprites by e-mail.


    Please help. I considering buying the personal version of construct 2 but am unsure whether if it is necessary to create professional looking complex games.


    I have been having a problem recently where my games become buggy when I have 3-4 plus levels/layouts( for instance the controls won't work when they where working fine before or objects won't work even though they worked before). I am using the free version so is that why this is happening ? ( by the way all my assets are imported and my games are quite complex but I didn't exceed any of the limits).

    Please reply if this is happening to you or it is just the free version.


    Please help. I considering buying the personal version of construct 2 but am unsure whether if it is necessary to create professional looking complex games.


    Someone seems to be abusing their power, from the posts the user made so far, there was absolutely no reason to ban this person.

    Still hurt that you were banned yourself?

    Nesteris: Why do you feel the need to create such useless posts ?

    The user posted spam posts that were since removed IIRC.

    From the posts you made so far there are a lot of reasons for you to be banned.

    And if you feel like making more waves, don't be surprised when you'll be banned again.

    Last warning.


    I'm going to start ignoring all of your extremely condescending and elitist posts.

    1. Forum Stats

    Total Topics 3

    Total Posts 6

    Avg Topics Per Day 0.01

    Avg Posts Per Day 0.02

    Consec days posted 0

    Those are his forum stats. If there was spam it would've shown.

    I checked all of his posts, all of them were legitimate.

    Not even that, his profile is nearly a year old and has it's own original profile picture. Not something a spammer would do.


    You should investigate your moderators, especially Kyatric, he's a condescending neckbeard with a god complex.

    Users getting banned for no reason.

    This "mod" is even worse than me, all I did was point out that C2 had bugs that need to be sorted, for hells sake, all the posts I made about them have been backed up by users that were here since the early access that said the exact same thing.

    I make a single legitimate post asking why a legitimate member got banned for seemingly no reason, and all the replies are complete assholes and condescending moderators who feel the need to insult everyone at every turn?


    I've seen your posts before Kyatric, they're absolutely filled with passive-aggressiveness.

    I absolutely don't give a shit any more if I get banned again, most of the mods of this site can go fuck themselves (except one, she had an anime profile pic and was a legitimately good mod). The forums are essentially just fanboys crying that the wrappers are bad while Ashley does absolutely nothing, mods banning people left and right for no reason.

    I got banned for an "attitude"? There's tons of other people on the forums with even worse "attitudes" than me, starting with that stupid neckbeard KYATRIC.

    The spammers did the right thing by me, I hope they take down the forums again.

    The forum is not worth using thanks to dickheads like Kyatric. Complete waste of time.

    Never returning to this site again, ban me I don't care. These forums suck and Sccira doesn't care about its customers.

    If I'm going to be banned, might as well be due to a post that's got an actual attitude.

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    Nesteris: Removed posts don't appear in the statistics.

    You're right though that your last post is a good justification for your ban.

    Kyatric informed me about what happened and I confirmed. I trust our moderators. If nothing else, that last post shows me Kyatric was right. If you believe there is an issue, there are positive and constructive (no pun intended) ways to bring it up, or negative and destructive ways to bring it up. I have seen a lot of posts tending to the latter. To make sure the community remains a nice place for everyone and prevent it degrading in to a troll city of flamewars we have to have a zero tolerance to such attitudes and make this clear through the use of bans. I hope you can reconsider how you approach your posting to the forums, if the moderators decide to lift the ban.

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