Zombie Horde (Sprites)

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    <p>A pack that contains fully customizeable top down/4 directional zombie sprites for creating horror, halloween, zombie shooter, tower defense, or other games with similar theme.</p><p>Features:</p>

    • 10 pre-made zombies
    • 4 directions & 6 animation states: 2x Idle animations, 2x Walk animations, Attack, & Dead
    • Animated with Brashmonkey Spriter. High res body part images and Spriter SCML file included
    • 10 zombies are not enough? Then you can use Spriter Pro Character Map feature. So you can build or customize your own unique zombies
    • Vector bodyparts available on CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and EPS format. So it?s customizeable and resizeable.
    • PNG sequence files included for generating the spritesheet/texture atlas with your preferred tools: ShoeBox, Texture Packer, etc

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