Visual Novel Editor IN PROGRESS (Game Template)

  • Hi everyone !

    Did you ever think about making a Visual Novel ? Construct is an awesome game engine, but unless you’re not afraid of making big and complex event sheets, you may have some hard time to manage and organize hundreds of dynamic and evolutive dialogues, dialogue box, animated facesets etc.

    I’m personally a huge fan of Visual Novels. Phoenix Wright, Layton, Hotel Dusk, 999… I wanted to make my own, but obviously, I needed to make a preliminary tool as a solid base to work in good conditions.

    So here it is, my Visual Novel Editor ! I’m still working on it right now, but here is what you can expect :

    • VNE is designed to be a very simple-to-use, clear and effective tool to manage all the dialogues, facesets, and dialogue-events of your game
    • It has its own dialogue system, working perfectly with the data the editor creates.
    • It is based on a smart structure using « Events » and « Versions » that will allow you to make your dialogues automatically evolve as the player progresses
    • It uses as few objects as possible to not interfere with your own project folder
    • Each sequence of dialogue has a useful and complete set of parameters
    • Easily insert up as many facesets as you want, of characters you’ve stored beforehand in dedicated array
    • Trigger commands without spoiling your messages with unreadable code, using markers
    • Save « Models » of sequences, and copy paste them to avoid repetitive work
    • Last but not least, test your Visual Novel dialogues on the move, without ever leaving the game !

    The editor part is finished, and a demo is available on if you want to try it out! I still have to create the dialogue and testing system before I put it on the Store though.

    So stay tuned, Visual Novels lovers ! :D

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  • Hi everyone !

    I'm glad to say that the editor part is over, and a demo released! :D You can check it out on!

    If you have any suggestion, question, or bug report, please don't hesitate and post it here!

    In the meantime, I'll keep working on the dialogue and testing part. ;)

    Thanks, and see you soon!

    EDIT : Due to some bug, it didn't work at all on the Scirra Arcade, so I transferdc it to Sorry about that!

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