Finite-State Machine (Behaviours)

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    Finite-state machines are an easy way to organize your game logic, they are used in games to organize the menus and GUI, create AI characters, manage the game states, or do about anything that requires complex transitions between different states.

    For a long time, I have been using the event sheet to create state machines using variables and functions, the process was tedious and often riddled with bugs. When everything worked, I ended up with repeated code and I had to re-implement the FSM logic for every new game or prototype I worked on. I wanted a simple and reusable solution to use FSMs in Construct 2, So I created this addon to help me and other developers like me use finite-state machines painlessly in their Construct 2 projects.

    This addon is simple to use, it does nothing exceptional that you can't do using the event sheet and a good understanding of FSMs. However, it is an effective, painless and bug-free solution to create FSMs in Construct 2. Don't waste your time, get this addon and start using FSMs in your game!

    I've used this plugin in a stealth game: Ghost Rebel (you can find it in the examples below), I created a FSM for the guards to organize their complex behaviors.


    • An easy to understand implementation of Finite-State Machines for Construct 2's event sheet.
    • Painlessly create finite-state machine for your enemy AI, your RPG's game states, or your boss fights.
    • Production ready, bug-free addon.
    • Simple and intuitive design.
    • Instant and timed state transitions that can be interrupted.
    • You can add many FSM instances to a single object
    • Manual explaining how to use the addon
    • An example with capx source

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