Adventure Platformer Art Pack (Spriter Animations)

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    <p>This art pack includes a robustly animated adventure themed platformer player character, ready to walk, run, slide, crouch, flip, and swim his (or her) way through the world you create. Also included are several fully animated basic adventure themed enemies, a couple of boss-like characters and a few effects you�ll likely find useful for things like impacts, pick-up effects etc. This Art Pack also includes three unique �skins� for the player character..these are unique image sets which turn the player into a female, an enemy goblin or an anthropomorphised cat. </p><p>Detailed Instructions for using Spriter with C2 can be found here:</p><p></p><p>IMPORTANT: This Art Pack shares content with the Basic Platformer Art Pack. If you�ve already purchased the Basic Platformer Art Pack, you are eligible for a 50 percent discount for this art pack. Email us at for a coupon code</p>

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