prediction for next gen consoles

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  • ps1 - 2,418 games

    ps2 - 2,016 games

    ps3 - 755 games(as of now)

    development cost in US$:

    1M?4M     -2000

    5M        -2006

    over 20M -2010

    personally think the next console race may vary well be the last for some time.

    if not, in in 2022 there will be 1 AAA game released that year, and it will cost over 1 billion dollars to make.

    willing to bet there's only going to be, max, 500 games for ps4, probably way less.


    what dose this mean?

    welcome to the golden age of independent gaming,

    smart phones and tablets have brought gaming platforms to more people than ever, and innovation in simplified game making(like unity...and construct)has made game development for small groups of people not only easier, but lucrative. thanks to low costs of development, free distribution(more or less). and the biggest consumer base there has ever been.

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