What do you listen/watch to when you're working?

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  • All night gigs and working late is common for me. Sometimes very late in the evening/morning as projects just grow larger and more complex. During my work, I need some tunes to keep me going or just enough distraction to keep my attention to what I'm doing.

    Lately, I've been listening to movies in the background while I do my work and find that for some movies, I get a better sense of the story.

    My main drink is coffee with a few tea breaks here and there.

    Ofcourse, this forum is always great. I can chime in anytime and be assured there is someone here rummaging around the forums like me trying to find something interesting or helping someone out :D

    What's your movie or tune?

    What drink keeps you going?


  • I love listening to the Waterboys, and red bull helps keep me up :) I really should move on to coffee though!

  • I tend to listen to internet radio stations. Depending on the mood, dubstep, trance, hardstyle/breakcore, metal.

    After a while, music is merely but a background noise. Some type of musics keeps me pumping at some high-rate and keep going on in/at work.

    For drinks, water (with syrup) and coke (coca-cola) it is.

    EDIT: I forgot also that sometimes, when my head's full or whatever, classical radio station do it very well. There's still energy pumping, but les intensivly, which is good too at times.

  • I drink Red Bull when I need to hyperspace a project out the door...lol...

    Kyatric, I know what you mean, I need that background noise. I once worked at a gig and it was sooooooo quiet all you could hear were people lightly tapping on their keyboards and the occasional cough or yawn. No music or headphones were allowed. It drove me insane.

    btw, cool alerts at the top next to my avatar, that function is handy. That's new right?

  • It depends on what type of game genre i am working on.Fps = Hard Metal etc...

    I drink Coffee and Sometimes Red bull.

  • Minecraft music and the like :) It's very calming and doesn't distract me while I work. Also, coffee. Redbull makes me work so fast I don't even know what the hell I'm doing.

  • streaming electronica/downtempo...let the funk be your guide.

    water, dark chocolate and cashews. i know, even weird for gerds.

  • Games or films soundtracks that inspires me. Sometimes electronix stuff or trance. But for pure enjoyment I listen rock but that's off topix :D

  • btw, cool alerts at the top next to my avatar, that function is handy. That's new right?

    Ghengis glad you noticed :D Yeah it lets you know if there's something that needs your attention, like this post!

  • I really like the Friendly Fires right now. Sort of heavy and funky, really good for coding to <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I listen obsessively to a small number of anime openings/closers.

    I don't really drink anything until My throat feels dry - then I'll chug a glass of water.

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  • Lots of water, good for the brain! Aside from that I drink too much Relentless.. but that's only 'cause I got loads from work when the business went under.

    I try to listen to more chilled stuff while working - I find heavy distracts me sometimes! A lot of Duran Duran, Tears for Fears and other 80s stuff seems to be on rotation more when I'm working at the mo for some reason!

  • Lately its been alot of eminem and incubus, oh and I drink at least 2 or 3 monster or rockstar energy juices.

    also if im more open to distraction that day, rewatching scott pilgrim vs the world, ppg's, or my little pony in a small window off to the right of my screen usually does the trick. Can only do it with things I've seen 18billions times

    Also, irc on 24/7 to break off to, and talk about what im working on is usually a nice procrastinatory gesture

  • Primer's soundtrack and gallons of water, the only downside is that I have to go to pee every 1/2 hour or so. :P

    EDIT: Some other music I listen while working -

    Black Swan(A Scanner Darkly)

    Elephant Woman(Hard Candy)

    Monster's Theme (Jon Hopkins)

    Where's my mind(Fight Club)

  • Tonight is an all-nighter night for me and I will try to avoid this forum in fear I shall be sucked into its vortex and may never get out to do work that pays for my bills at this time.

    Coffee pot and tunes are just starting up. Good night everyone.

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