Hello! I'm Fred and I've got a dream

  • Hello everybody !

    First of all I introduce myself; my name is Federico (you can call me Fred ).

    My little dream is to find people like me with whom to form a team together guided by passion and perseverance in pursuing their dreams.

    I'd like to form a small indie team (3-5 members).

    Everthing we'll be decided together and everyone will choose his tasks according to his experiences and abilities. (Obviously everybody is going to give his contribution to the projects during his spare time)

    I would like a collaborative and close-knit team that uses collaborative web-based platforms and apps(Slack, Discord, Drive, Telegram and so on...) to work together on the same project and thus join forces to realize something together!

    Following this logic I think that Construct 3 is the perfect game development engine to do all the things I mentioned previously, because it is easy to use and it is web-based and It can be used everywhere and from almost everybody! (However I have no problem using construct 2 which I already used for a lot of time)

    I hope to find someone here!


    BIO continues here

    *I had a lot of previous experiences with indie game developing teams and at the moment I work for a company that ask me to coding in PHP, MYSQL and SMARTY template engine for the company online website, database and so on... I also have job experiences as a graphic designer and I also studied music and piano. So I am a full stack developer with graphic and composing skills and I worked by myself in a lot of projects that I had realized and in which I was involved. Also I know 4 languages + Latin and Ancient Greek that I studied during high school.


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