Construct 2 To Expensive!

  • I'm sure even if we charged $10 someone would say they would only buy it if it was $5. Then we'd have to fire our new staff since we couldn't afford to pay them any more

  • I find these complaints rather absurd and I strongly disagree. I think to the contrary C2 pricing is very affordable and competitive, it's a great value compared to many alternatives and well worth every penny (and I hope similar pricing is retained for future versions as well). Developers are not robots, they have to eat and pay bills like the rest of us mortals, and I'll happily pay for a good software I use frequently, with regular updates and good support community. Also, the timing to bring this up is just weird considering at the moment Construct 2 is available at discounted price, making it even more affordable. But if you simply cannot afford it and you just want to get started making games for your own enjoyment and dabble with concepts, why not just use C2 Free Edition or Construct Classic, both available for free.

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  • The OP does have a point (I know it's an old thread but it's still a relevant discussion). Minimum wage in UK might be ~$10 per hour which would represent ~2 days work to buy a Construct 2 license, but in India it might be 50c per hour which would represent 1-2 months work! Lots of companies do geographical pricing to get around this. We do hate the idea that we're locking some people out of buying Construct due to it be relatively expensive in comparison to countries with stronger economies.

    Unfortunately, geo pricing also comes with risks (someone in a country we sell it cheaper can buy in bulk and resell, or customers in other countries use proxies to get cheaper prices). We don't feel we've had the resources to deal with this yet, but it is something we are going to be looking at in closer detail with Construct 3. Not saying we will, but it's something we are aware of and would like to have solutions to.

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