[UNPAID] Looking for someone who's good with music

  • Hey there! I'm sort of an amateur, I'm not going to lie. I've got no real coding experience, and I'm only an okay artist at best. Despite these limitations, I've been working on a game project that could really use some awesome music from someone who enjoys making it. Well, I enjoy making music, but honestly my music is probably about as fun to listen to as a set of rusty swings being played over a looped sample of Barbara Streisand hiccuping. Hey though, I'm getting off topic, before I go on another tangent about something stupid, or something not stupid, I'm just going to throw my skype out there for ya. I'm rupturefarmz, that simple, and it's nice to meet you. Anyway, if you're curious about project details, it's about a jealous knight named Frammus. Oh, and also, based off of how it's going so far, it's likely to be somewhat akin to Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, or maybe Squeak Squad, with areas terminating in their respective area themed bosses. Both of the games I mentioned were fantastic by the way, in case you've never tried either of them. Anyway, don't be afraid to reply to this post, add me on skype, or whatever. Even if the music thing doesn't work out, worst case scenario is that you've got a new contact on Skype. I don't really plan on making any money off of this game, so if you are coming for that then you are wasting your time. If I do, we can talk something out, but it really isn't on my list of things that I plan on doing, and would probably be a 70-30 deal, along with an in game link to a Bandcamp page or iTunes page where a curious someone may want to purchase an album of the music you did for the game.

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