[UNPAID] 8-bit Pixel Artist Needed (Huge Potential!)

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am making a Metroivania that is around seven months into development.

    There are a lot of mechanics that are finished or close to being finished;

    • Shooting Beams
    • Shooting Missiles
    • Jumping
    • Wall-Jumping
    • Health
    • Ammo
    • UI
    • Main Menu
    • Game Over Screen
    • Doors
    • Room To Room Transitions

    Along with that, there are some sound effects and soundtracks created for the game.


    The details of the project are as follows;

    • The art style of the game is NES 8-bit
    • The scale of the project is the same as the original NES Metroid
    • Sequels are planned for when the game is finished

    So what's missing from the game?

    • Artwork for a lot of elements (e.g. Enemies, most pick-ups & power ups, new player sprites are needed, etc)
    • A proper tileset for the map
    • The map itself, currently there are only test rooms.

    But dude, what's your game plan for when you release?!

    My goal is to get the game on GOG, with a sub goal of maybe putting on Desura since I've heard some good things about it.

    Just some notes;

    • The things I currently need the most, is a proper map and then a tileset along with enemies.
    • The way it's going to work is that there are going to be a number of power-ups, enemies will be based on the player having to use those power-ups to defeat them, giving the feeling of progress.
    • The map is going to be fairly simple like the original Metroid, but filled with hidden rooms, traps or the need for an ability to progress (unless the player has the skill to sequence-break).

    Most importantly, I need someone I can rely on to help me finish the game. There are no set work hours but I do need the artwork when I need it. I am very patient and can wait a few days or a week or two but the bottom line is that I need an artist who can reliably provide me with the artwork as I need it.

    This position is NOT paid, but there is the possibility to work something out once the game has been finished 100%.

    Feel free to ask any questions, if you have any offers or extra you can ask here or PM me.

    If you're applying, please provide some example work or draw it up on the fly and showcase it here.

    Please do not just slam a link unless it is a direct link to a .jpg image or similar.

    As for communication during the project, I am able to do so via skype, gmail, hotmail and facebook.

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