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  • I'm looking to create or join a team using Construct 2 (soon 3) to build awesome desktop and mobile games. My experience with C2 is primarily with event scripting however my career background is in server-side programming. (Great for multiplayer persistence!) I would like to team up with anybody interested in contributing. I have a few examples I can share my capx.

    Some of my ideas/concepts in various states of development:

    • Top-down multiplayer space exploration/questing game with crafting. Questing and combat similar to World of Warcraft and some inspiration from Freelancer.

    • Contra style platformer set in a dystopian future.

    • Katamari Damacy-style platformer.


    Send me a PM or email me cap [at] to start a conversation.

    This would be a profit sharing venture.

  • sounds interesting, where are you located?

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  • I'm in Minnesota, USA.

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