Programmer Needed

  • Hi!

    My name is James and I'm a 3D Character Artist living in Montreal.

    I'm presently working on a personal project.

    To make it short: I would like to get in touch with programmers so I could get an idea of the pricing for several game mechanics that I would add in my project and so I can plan my budget in advance.

    You can either communicate me here if you prefer or add me to

    skype: fraktalzero

    The project is a side-scroller with rpg elements if that can help.


    -James Alex-

  • Also, I would like to know which gameplay mechanics are possible based on what C2 can do since I don't know the limitations of this engine.

    I would like to add that I'm a profesional 3D character artist working in a company so budget is not a problem. I'm mostly worried several mechanics I've designed for my project won't be easily done using C2.

    Thanks in advance!


    -James Alex-

  • Well anything 2d really. Top down, platformer, side scroller, isometric, the list goes on, and on.

    The only thing its not going to work well with is thousands of objects moving at once, and/or hundreds of frames of animations.

    Pr-rendered 3d animations are doable, in limited amounts.

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  • Thanks for the reply!

    Actually it's more in the vein of mellee combat. Also random enemy spawning points which are already predefined. A better wall jump with wall slide for a x lapse of time. etc.

    I hope I make sense :D

  • The Platform behavior is quite good out of the box, and should be customizable to fit most needs.

  • I'm still looking for someone.

  • well i have some questions before answering.

    Are you paying for finished project?

    Half upfront, half when done?

    pay by mile stone?

    what is your target platform?

    besides the platforming aspects, what other features are you planning on? and including what features are you thinking. Some features are easier to add then others. Also polish is different than core developement. How much polish is planned for the game?

    you mention your on a budget, but is that a low budget, high budget, AAA budget :D

  • I'll pay half upfront with a contract. The rest when it's done.

    My target platform is pc.

    And obviously my budget is not AAA but I would like to know the pricing before I start hence the fact I would like to communicate with a programmer so I could further discuss about this.

  • I sent a PM a few days ago.

  • I send a PM you today

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