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  • Hello,

    I have some nice games ready for selling.

    Some for all public, already in google play store.

    Most games however are for adults.

    I am looking for someone who can handle the commercial aspect.

    i am thinking of a partnership 50-50 of the benefits.

    Only serious ADULT people please.

    Sorry for the language Inglesh is not my native one.


  • what do you mean about the commercial aspect? is it ads?

    also, can you be clearer about 50-50 benefits? The impression I get from you is you're gonna give 50% of all the sales made from the game, but you have to explain it more.

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  • Hi Daggio, thanks for your reply.

    No I don´t mean ads. I hate ads and wanna keep my games ad free.

    I am looking for someone who is very active in social networks and forums.

    Myself do not like that stuff and I do not have the time.

    Someone who promote the games, post preview videos, gamedemos and "what do I no" to sell the games.

    I got 2 websites. one for normal games and another for the adult games, a Youtube chanel where I put the preview videos and a few games in Playstore. All off them must get more traffic.

    About the benifits it is exactly like you say, 50% off all the sales.

    It is quit simple i guess, a co-manager. partner however they call it. Someone that think that there is a posibility to make some money, with both of them, the normal and the for adult ones. I do not think that i can give up my daily job with selling games but a little extra for the time and the cost off the sites would be nice.

    I expect that they test the games aswell and give advice for make them maybe even better.

    I am a Belgian (Flemish) guy, living 20 years in Spain. I speak Dutch, Spanish and Inglesh.

    I want someone that write perfectly Inglesh.

  • Because I don´t. Sorry for that.

  • Hi davaro, do u know flippa?


  • Hi TeslaPC, No i dont know Flippa. Should I?

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