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  • Hello, I looking for someone to take care of the commercial site of the games that I created. I think that I got a few games with possibilities to make some money from. I can not do that part of the business myself, I hate it! I hate forums and social networks but I know that they are essential to have some success, maybe even more important than the game itself. Therefore I prefer to spend it out and share the profits. I published a few game on and if leave a link to my site. any interest lets me now. Thanks. davaro

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  • So what you need is like an administrator?

  • I guess so. I need someone with social media skills and willing to spend the time to promote the games. I'm thinking of making al the games for free and exclusive for people that are supporting me on Patreon. Just a thought, actually, I don't know the best way to make some money from the games. I have no social media accounts and I never participate in forums. So I think that I need someone who's already very active on social networks, forums about gaming and, or games for adults. I started with a game called CandyFactory, placed it on Google-Play and had some expectations of it, but without success. Then I started to make personalized games because there are so many other games out there already, but again, without success. Then I started to make games for adults because I saw some games that were quite successfully while the games themselves are just crap. The biggest problem is to show the games at the world. I think that count for any game or digital content on the web. I'm not English neither so posting anything cost me I lot of time. Even this response cost me more than a half hour. I have more games as showing now on my site, I'm improving them before put them.

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