2d artist looking for project

  • If anyone is interested in 2d artwork please email me fersteger at gmail dot com

    I am trying to get $20 an hour for my work, basically $500 for a week's worth, which translates to just about half the amount of work I've attached here or a simple set of assets. I've always wanted my work to serve as the graphics in a game and I think an interesting world can be created if we team up on the right project.

    There is further concept art work of mine here- http://citizenbusiness.tumblr.com/portfolio

    I am trying to do work in a 2d mobile casual painterly style rather than concept art or 3d, preferably something with more graphics and less buttons and GUI.

    If you have a small project and want some interesting graphics I'd love to hear from you, thanks!


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  • I am in the need of some basic parallax backgrounds/scenery to use in 3 up coming titles I'm doing for my nieces.

    • very simple, cute cartoonish with a flat color scheme.
    • I don't need the day night skies or stellar content...I did those.
    • I need desert, grassy, forest, snow, cityscape plains (layer1)
    • desert, grassy, forest, snowy, cityscape random objects (hills, mountains, buildings)
    • 2 cartoon Asian girl characters... basic platform sprites

    What do you think?

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