Princess Peach franchise (In development by (my) Dreamcatcher Software; To Be Licensed by Nintendo.)

  • We've all known Princess Peach; she's a klutz, she always gets kidnapped, and she doesn't really have all that involvement in Mario's adventures, if at all! Hmm... Maybe Nintendo intended her that way to keep the Mario franchise simple.



    It doesn't mean you can't have a deeper meaning to all this absurdity.

    In fact, she's not the simple pushover with no purpose in life you'd expect! not even close when you look deeper! She already kicked butt with her Vibe powers in her single original debut: Super Princess Peach; she's also got magic, sass, and "kick" to her as well! She's proven to be a very powerful woman in her own right when you look deeper into her eyes*, able to run, jump, and stomp (sorta) like a boss, and save the day and rule the battlegrounds just like her heroes Mario and Luigi; and has shown the other baddies out there who have went up against the two brothers like a boss! In fact, where brute force doesn't work, bring in Princess Peach and her magic, and this kickin' franchise proves that Mario is more than just a simple tale about heroism.

    Okay, that's enough. The franchise will largely resemble the average classic Mario games and her sole debut in Super Princess Peach, but in this franchise, as well as the general health or small/super-with-mushroom scenarios, Peach also has what will from now on be defined as a "Mana" (or Magic) Bar; very similar in mechanics as the Vibe Gauge in SPP. (Think general Super Mario, but with Mana involved to help you fight.) She'll also have general health in many cases, just like Wario Land and others, and the game will focus heavily on story, but in the spirit of Mario's gameplay, still have simple, minimal story.

    There's most likely more to that, but more of that will be explained in the future, so please be patient... *wink-wink*

    Okay, so anyways, here are my 4 current videos regarding the franchise in the form of demos, all on my alt YouTube channel:

    Demonstrates the core game mechanics and aesthetical style as well as the first potential ability:

    Demonstrates a large swath of the broader picture of the future content to be presented in Princess Peach, all in a formal presentation:

    Shows off the furniture mechanic(s) of the franchise and what would be possible to do with it in the future:

    Introduces the Mana system promised as mentioned in the beginning of this post - one of the core aspects of the franchise:

    [NOTE: Will update later due to me being too tired to continue.] Just for your information, two of these projects were made in Scratch, but the third one was made using the engine associated with these forums: Construct 3. The second (a series actually) isn't officially out yet, but I'll plan on that some other time, and the first and third ones (EDIT: as of this edit) are in fact available for use; here's the links to them now:

    1st: Scratch


    Now, before we go, I would like to explain that this franchise will indeed be licensed by Nintendo, so this is not just a fan-franchise (potentially) "infringing" on Nintendo's copyright! and it will also actually be developed on official Nintendo systems, such as the Switch and 3DS. Thanks for taking the time to read; I hope y'all have an amazing, Peach-y time in the (distant) future! Toodle-oo!

  • This could be promising but the 'core mechanics' video only shows moving left to right across the screen and some talking, where is the rest of the gameplay?

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  • This could be promising but the 'core mechanics' video only shows moving left to right across the screen and some talking, where is the rest of the gameplay?

    I'm assuming you saw the whole video and you've noticed that Peach also has a PowerDash ability that has her move extremely fast, right? Well, that's part of the "rest of the gameplay", including the Dash attack (different) (which KO's enemies by 'Dashing' into them while stunned when 'stomped'), which I'll admit was never shown in the video.

    Okay, really, I will be the first to admit that that particular demo video was very minimalistic. It didn't show off much compared to the other videos other than the powerdash and dash attack abilities; it was really simply more of to show off the design style - terrain, environment, and, in the case of the fall aesthetic of that first video, world mechanics - of the franchise itself; in technical terms, admittedly, more of a Minimum Viable Product than a true (especially 'core') mechanics showcase. (Which isn't a bad thing, obviously, but... It's okay.)

    But, hey, at least we got to see the (mostly) minimum viable product, right?

    But all that aside, thanks for the compliment anyway; I'll keep expanding upon it as time passes. In fact, I already have another tech demo in the works, and in fact it'll be one of the key features of the franchise itself. It's going to be 'magical'... isn't it?

  • Alllll righty!

    It looks like we've got some ideas up on the board here! Let's take them down and see what's up this time:

    We're planning on adding status effects to Princess Peach. Perhaps she drinks something... a little "odd-tasting"... ...Oh, no! looks like you're Poisoned!

    If Poisoned, Peach will lose health (half a heart, etc.) every certain period of time (say 10 seconds or so). Unlike the next of a few examples later, Peach will pass out from Poison eventually, so make sure you get yourself to a antidote or gain some more health at some point, or just simply hope that there won't be enough time for the poison to knock you out.

    Peach can also get Sick from eating odd foods, medicines, or other items, and will also start losing health while she has that Effect. However, unlike Poison mentioned earlier, Peach will not pass out from Sickness. Rather, she will only go down to minimal health (e.g. half a heart, in that particular case), but however, she will be very vulnerable in that state, so the player must use extreme caution should Sickness all but cripple them. Peach will also get nauseous from time to time, and will occasionally, in that particular instance, be forced to stop and vomit. (Peach only actually stops when she actually vomits after gagging; gagging alone doesn't cause her to stop.) This kind of movement interruption can (still technically) be deadly, just like poison, as even if the initial Sickness doesn't kill her, if she had literally stopped over a pit to vomit and fell right in, or was hit by a fast moving enemy while she was losing her lunch, she would end up losing her last piece of health, ending her current "session".

    If Peach is out in the cold in unusual conditions for too long, she will get a Cold or Flu. Cold is simply a warning of a potential Flu indicated by Peach sneezing. Flu is the "actual" Effect itself, with the same potentially deadly effects as Sickness. The only difference between the two (as of this specific post) is how they start: Sickness occurs from eating weird foods and other stuff; Flu occurs in cold weather under certain abnormal conditions.

    ....AAAnd... that's it (for now)! More will be developed later. See you soon, and please do continue to check us (out)! <3 Stay Peachy!

  • Oh, and did we mention that this franchise will follow Nintendo's design philosophies? Just wanted to point that out right here.

  • Hello Again!

    We've FINALLY got one of our first professional project demos out there!

    We've decided to switch our ways of posting demos: Post them directly onto this thread instead of in the Scirra Arcade, A) Because being demos, we will finally admit they weren't really supposed to be on there anyway. B) This will help to promote this thread better especially after a 3-month (quarter year) hiatus. And C) The Scirra Arcade is kinda old and outdated anyways, meaning I can't really much less definitely have access to it.

    So, here's our first professional demo: Sunnydee Lake! Y'all excited? Yeah! I bet y'all are!! (Please open in Construct 3 to use.)

    This demo doesn't showcase much practical outside of the new furniture (and apparently darker house interior. ...) and another feature(!), but it was implemented to show off the aesthetics and special (particle) FX - the big picture! - added into the demo, which more closely resemble the final aesthetics which will be in the games! ^-^

    What, "another (practical) feature", you say? Well, you'll have to find that out for yourself! It's a secret to everybody. ... ;-D

    Thank y'all! More coming soon. Yeah! baby!! <3

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