"Mr Pilipili And The Crystal of Doom"

  • "Mr Pilipili And The Crystal of Doom" is a platform game in the pure retro style, old cartoon.

    I posted this project long time ago on scirra website, now on construct.net

    At the moment the game engine is almost done 95% of the engine.

    I started this project +6 months ago, and it's still in progress, i worked on tons of props design, level designs.

    Here i show you some of my work for this project.

    What you are going to see here it's a work in progress for different levels elements i designed.

    Every element is hand painted and created in Photoshop, the final result is going to be with an old tv effect like scratches, dust etc.

    Hope you like this project, hope to show more, soon.

    How i keep motivated on this project, well i have a roadmap and i chose what to do day by day.

    Here it's the explanation of my roadmap:

    YELLOW= to be done

    BLUE= done

    PINK = work in progress ( what im working on )

    This project has ZERO BUDGET, it means that i don't have any investors, publishers, contract, it gives me the freedom i need for achieving my first BIG title.

  • Looks interesting, let's see some gameplay. :)

  • "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom" JUNGLE LEVEL FINISHED !!!!

    Working on the new level

  • My Game "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom" WIP Egypt Level first designs of the different elements for the background !!!!

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  • New background elements for the Egyptian Level of Mr Pilipili !

  • Still working for the Desert level - Egypt new elements!

    Soon almost finished this world too.

  • Another great day for my game :

    "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom"

    Egypt Level finished,

    now working on SKY CAPTAIN Level!

  • "Mr Pilipili and the crystal of Doom" new background elements for the Sky Captain level, here the first finished Clouds elements !

  • Another great Day for my Game

    "Mr Pilipili and the Crystal of Doom"

    The Sky Captain Level is finished,

    now i work on the new level "Castle of Dr Bizarro" ....

    But first..

    i need to make my 6 different BACKUPS !!!!

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