Is this idea possible in construct 2?

  • I have an idea for a game mechanic that I really would like to include in a game but I can't think of a way it would be doable. What I want is for a tree-like character to have roots or vines grow out of the main section (bottom of the trunk) as they move throughout the level and to attach them selves to the ground or environment. So, if you stayed still for an extended period of time they would soon become fixed in place due to the roots/vines growing into the ground or walls. I think this would create an interesting game-play element (if it can be done). Preferably this would be visible and would have thinning branches which grow slower over time and eventually stop. So any suggestions or methods that could be used to make this work or a similar mechanic? If this is not possible in the engine would unity or another engine be able to? (I have a basic understanding of unity and I am partially capable of simple coding) Thanks.

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  • It's just like simple fractal. Generating complex form from a simple shape. With some iteration spawning and random angle direction, roots or branches will be formed.

    An example: ... ching.capx

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